This is the official TRINDI web site. On this site you will find the latest TRINDI information and papers ready to download, as well as ways to contact the people behind TRINDI and links to other sources of TRINDI-related information.

TRINDI is project LE4-8314 in the Language engineering sector of the TELEMATICS APPLICATIONS Programme.

what is this?

There is an increasing need for natural interaction with a variety of machines and information services which uses either natural language dialogue or some more restricted way of interaction which incorporates aspects of human dialogue. In this project we have conducted research addressing this need by building a computational model of dialogue moves.

For detailed information about TRINDI please look in the the annual report of 99. A brief project summary can be read online.


The SIRIdUS project is part of the Information Society Technologies programme in the Fifth Framework for Community Research in the European Community. The Information State Update view of dialogue promoted by the TRINDI project is used and extended in the new SIRIdUS project. For more information about the SIRIdUS project please consult the SIRIdUS home page at http://www.cam.sri.com/siridus/.

Course at ESSLLI

Read about the TRINDI course on The information state approach to dialogue management which is being given at ESSLLI 2001.

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