PhD Specialization in Language Technology (Språkteknologi)

The specialization in Language Technology (Språkteknologi), like the PhD in general linguistics, consists of 160 points normally taken over four years of full time study. 70 points are devoted to course work and 90 points to thesis writing. The specialization was formerly called Computational Linguistics and the new name is in order to allow the specialization to take part in the planned new interdisciplinary programme in Language and Computation (Språkteknologi). Students taking this specialization must fulfil the general requirements for the Ph.D. in Linguistics.

Of the course points, 30 are for compulsory courses, shared with all the specializations in the linguistics degree. However, students taking this specialization are required to take specific options.

Compulsory courses (30 points)

Compulsory courses fall into two parts. Linguistic Methods includes the compulsory Basic Method course (5 points) plus two further 5-point method courses selected from the following list: Within these courses students taking this specialization are required to take computational linguistic options when these are provided.

Linguistic Theory includes the following three 5-point courses:

Within all the obligatory courses students taking this specialization are required to take computational linguistic options when these are provided as part of the courses. The syllabus for the Licentiate and the Master's degree must incorporate the compulsory 30-point courses

Optional courses

The optional courses cover 40 points (10 points for the Licentiate and Master's degrees). Courses will normally be offered by departments contributing to the Graduate Program in Language and Computation (Forskarskola i Språkteknologi).

Students without a background in computational linguistics may be able to count courses from the undergraduate programme in computational linguistics or general linguistics towards these courses.

Qualifying exam

Students will normally be required to fulfil informally the requirements of a licentiate before being allowed to continue with the writing of a PhD thesis. This means that students who qualify to take the PhD must complete the 30 obligatory course points, 10 optional course points and complete a 40 point thesis (which may later become part of the PhD thesis). If the student's supervisors judge that this course and thesis work reveals sufficient competence in research, then the student will have the option to continue to the PhD. If this is not the case, then the thesis may be presented in the normal way for the Licentiate degree. Students will in any case have the option of presenting the work for the Licentiate before continuing to the PhD.


Students will have a first supervisor in the Linguistics Department and a second supervisor in one of the departments (including Linguistics) or collaborating organizations participating in the graduate programme (forskarskolan).
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