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harbour break Götalog 2000 was the fourth in a series of workshops that aim at bringing together researchers working on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogues in fields such as artificial intelligence, formal semantics and pragmatics, computational linguistics, and psychology. This year's workshop was organised in collaboration with the EU-sponsored TRINDI project. Götalog 2000 was endorsed by SIGdial. sigdial

Copies of the Götalog proceedings (published as Gothenburg Papers in Computational Linguistics 00-5) can be ordered from, cost SEK 100.

There are currently plans for a 5th workshop in this series, to be held in Bielefeld, Germany, around June 2001.

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Previous workshops in this series include:

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Outside the Göteborg Opera House, GöteborsOperan, that is situated at the harbour. Opened in September 1994.

Photograph: Göteborg&Co/Göran Assner, distributed by Göteborg&Co.
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