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Arrival information

Transport from airport

  • Airport buses leave every 15 min (peak hour) or 30 min; cost 50 kr. Last bus leaves at 00:30.

    To get to Götalog, there are two options:

    1. Short and steep: Get off at Korsvägen, cross Södra vägen, look for a set of stairs leading up a hill with trees, next to a shop called 'Södra LIVS'. Climb the stairs and keep going uphill until you get to Humanisten.
    2. Longer but scenic: Get off at Hotel Park Aveny and walk slightly uphill to Götaplatsen, with statue of Poseidon, between the City Theatre (Stadsteatern) and the Art Museum (Konstmuseum) and up the hill to Humanisten.

  • Taxi to the centre of Göteborg costs 300-350 kr. Agree the price in advance. For Götalog, ask for Humanisten (next to the University Library (Universitetsbiblioteket).

Getting to the hotels

  • Hotel Lorensberg - get off at Korsvägen, walk north (same direction as bus) until the next stoplight, turn right.
  • Mornington Hotel - get off at Park Aveny Hotel and walk a couple of blocks down the Aveny. Hotel is on your side of the street at nr 6.
  • Hotel Spar Gårda - get off at Brunnsparken. Change to tram (1, 3 or 6), get off at Svingeln. Or take bus 60 to Willinsgatan.