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Individual papers can be accessed from this page. The whole proceedings is available in hard-copy form as Gothenburg Papers in Computational Linguistics 00-5, and can ber ordered from, for SEK 100.

Invited Talks

Parameters of Dialog analysis
Jens Allwood Göteborg U
Uptake and its role in conversation
Herbert Clark Stanford U
Support for Update Semantics (House Version)
Paul Dekker U Amsterdam
Trying to Understand Misunderstanding: How Robust Can Spoken Natural Language Dialogue Systems Be?
Ronnie Smith East Carolina University
Overview of TRINDI Project Results
The TRINDI Consortium

Papers Accepted for Presentation

Lifelong Discourse Representation Structure
Gábor Alberti

Accessibility, duration, and modelling the listener in spoken dialogue
E. G. Bard and M. P. Aylett

Modality Convergence in a Multimodal Dialogue System
Linda Bell, Johan Boye, Joakim Gustafson, and Mats Wirén

Communication and Cooperation among Agents
Guido Boella and Rossana Damiano

First-Order Inference and the Interpretation of Questions and Answers
Johan Bos and Malte Gabsdil

Asynchronous Dialogue Management: Two Case-Studies
Johan Boye, Beth Ann Hockey, and Manny Rayner

Accomodating questions and the nature of QUD
Robin Cooper, Elisabet Engdahl, Staffan Larsson, and Stina Ericsson

When is a union really an intersection? Problems interpreting reference to locations in a dialogue system
Myroslava Dzikovska and Donna Byron

Overlaps and interruptions: Towards a hearer's model of turn taking
Mika Enomoto and Syun Tutiya

The Pragmatics of English Dialogues in the Chinese Context
Zongxin Feng

What is a Situation?
Kerstin Fischer

Towards an analysis of dialogue acts and indirect speech acts in a BDI framework
Andreas Herzig, Dominique Longin and Jacques Virbel

Dialogue Games are Recipes for Joint Action
Joris Hulstijn

A formal model of Conversational Game Theory
Ian Lewin

Obligations, Intentions, and the Notion of Conversational Games
Jörn Kreutel and Colin Matheson

Empirical Study of the Anaphoric Accessibility space in Spanish dialogues
Patricio Martínez-Barco & Manuel Palomar

Processes of collaboration and communication in desktop videoconferencing: do they differ from face-to-face interactions?
Alison Newlands, Anne Anderson, Jim Mullin and Anne-Marie Fleming

Design Constraints and Representation for Dialogue Management in the Automatic Telephone Operator Scenario
José Quesada, J. Gabriel Amores, Gabriela Fernández, José A. Bernal, and M Teresa López

Multi-speaker utterances and coordination in task-oriented dialogue
Author: Hannes Rieser and Kristina Skuplik

The nature of common ground units: an empirical analysis using MapTask dialogues
Lesley Stirling, Ilana Mushin, Janet Fletcher, and Roger Wales

The Meaning of and in a formal theory of discourse and dialogue
Isabel Gómez Txurruka

Decision problems in pragmatics
Robert van Rooy

Discourse Particles as Speech act Markers
Henk Zeevat

Short Papers (For Poster Presentation)

Chains and the Common Ground
Anton Benz

From Speech Acts to Search Acts: A Semantic Approach to Speech Act Recognition
Marc Cavazza

Incremental Construction of a Model of the Domain from a Set of Sentences by Means of Contextual Tableaux
Pablo Gervás

Display Acts in Grounding Negotiation
Yasuhiro Katagiri and Atushi Shimojima

Using dialogue information for parsing in a spoken dialogue system
Rob Koeling

From manual text to instructional dialogue: an information state approach
Staffan Larsson

Formalizing the Dialogue Move Engine
Peter Ljunglöf

Defining Propositional Similarity: Systemizing identification of presuppositional binding
Jennifer Spenader