The Swedish

spoken language corpus
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Göteborg Dialogue Coding - Types of analysis and coding

For this work we also have a link containing a transcription with coding and manuals available for download.

• General

1. Activity: Purpose, Roles, Artifacts, Environment

2. Participants: Number, Types of listeners: specific, group, all


• Grammar related

3. Utterances — Maximal grammatical categories

4. Total grammatical classification


• Semantics

5. Several types of Semantic classification


• Functional Coding

6. Holistic Communicative Acts (Implicit, Context relations)

7. Communication Management: OCM, ICM (FB, TM, Seq)

8. Directional function (Expressive, Evocative function)

9. Obligations (Speaker & Listener related)

10. Chunking into sequences

(8,9 and 10 default derivable from 3,6 and 7)



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