Göteborg spoken language corpora
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We are using a lot of different corpora at the department:

  1. Göteborg Spoken Language Corpus (Kernel Corpus - adult 1st language Swedish), 1.2 million words (transcriptions, browser)
  2. Adult language learners of Swedish (transcriptions)
  3. Child language corpus (Swedish and Scandinavian), 0.5 million words including the adults (lexicon files, Childes files)
  4. Aphasic, deaf and dyslexic speakers
  5. Child (3-6 years old) language corpus, 94 children, 260 000 words, Lisbeth Hedelin's material (transcriptions)
  6. Non-Swedish adult spoken language corpus
  7. WOZ Corpus, Bionic
  8. Intercultural communication corpus
  9. Educational progress - 416 interviews, 2 million words, Kjell Härnqvist's material (transcriptions)

Some of the above will be Multimodal. You will need a password to get the files.

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