The Swedish

spoken language corpus
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Tools we have or are developing

1. A tool for digitizing audiovisual corpus data

2. A tool for aiding transcription - TransTool 2.0

3. A tool for synchronous alignment of audio/video and transcribed text

4. A multimodal corpus presentation tool, preferably accessible from the internet. Audio/video presentation with simultaneous scrolling in a partiture-formatted transcription with highlighting of the phrase being spoken - Multitool

5. A transcription coding tool that will include simple corpus presentation using standardand/or partiture format, with optional use of an audio/video presentation extension - TRACTOR

6. A statistics tool able to process information from the coding tool and the corpus (TRASA).Download postscript pdf (Swedish)

7. A tool for visualizing conversational data in compressed and coded form (going beyond 3 & 5)

8. A tool for checking MSO6 transcriptions - MTTextEditor

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