Task Oriented Instructional Dialogue
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The TRINDI book draft

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These files are in Postscript and PDF format

  • D1.1: Cooper, R., S. Larsson, C. Matheson, M. Poesio, D. Traum: Coding Instructional Dialogue for Information States. Postscript PDF

  • D1.2: Zaenen, A. and S. Larsson: Annotations for Instructional texts. Postscript, PDF

  • D1.3: Bohlin, P., J. Bos, S. Larsson, I. Lewin, C. Matheson, D. Milward: Survey of Existing Interactive Systems. Postscript PDF

  • D2.1: Traum, D., J. Bos, R. Cooper, S. Larsson, I.Lewin, C. Matheson and M. Poesio: A model of dialogue moves and information state revision Postscript PDF

  • Manual for D2.2: Larsson, S., P. Bohlin, J. Bos and D. Traum: TRINDIKIT 1.0 Manual Postscript PDF

  • D3.1: Traum, D., P. Bohlin, J. Bos, S. Ericson, S. Larsson, I. Lewin, C. Matheson, D. Milward: Dialogue Dynamics and Levels of Interaction. Postscript PDF

  • D3.2: Bos, J., S. Ericsson, S. Larsson, I. Lewin, P. Ljunglöf, C. Matheson: Dialogue Dynamics in Restricted Dialogue Systems. Postscript PDF

  • D3.3: Zaenen, A., S. Larsson, A. Sandor, D. Traum: Information State Revision and implicit Dialogue Moves in Instructional Texts. Postscript PDF

  • D4.1:Elisabet Engdahl, Staffan Larsson and Stina Ericsson: Focus-ground articulation and parallelism in a dynamic model of dialogue. Postscript PDF

  • D4.2: Massimo Poesio, Stephen Isard, Helen Wright, James Hieronymus, Robin Cooper, Staffan Larsson and Johan Bos: Prosodic Cues for Information Structure. Postscript PDF

  • D5.1: Massimo Poesio: Underspecified interpretation. Postscript PDF

  • D5.2: Annie Zaenen, Stina Ericsson, Staffan Larsson, David Milward, Manfred Pinkal, Massimo Poesio, C.J. Rupp and Karsten Worm: Robust Interpretation and Dialogue Dynamics. Postscript PDF

  • D5.3: Staffan Larsson, Alexander Berman, Johan Bos, Leif Grönqvist, Peter Ljunglöf and David Traum: TRINDIKIT 2.0 Manual -revised version. Postscript, Compressed PostScript, PDF

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