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Articles about the the IS approach and TrindiKit

  • Staffan Larsson and David Traum (2000): Information state and dialogue management in the TRINDI Dialogue Move Engine Toolkit. In Natural Language Engineering Special Issue on Best Practice in Spoken Language Dialogue Systems Engineering, Cambridge University Press, U.K. (pp. 323-340, 18 pages)
  • David Traum and Staffan Larsson (2003): The Information State Approach to Dialogue Management. To appear in Smith and Kuppevelt (eds.): Current and New Directions in Discourse & Dialogue, Kluwer Academic Publishers. (pp. 325-353, 28 pages)

Related articles

  • Carl Burke; Christy Doran; Abigail Gertner; Andy Gregorowicz; Lisa Harper; Joel Korb; Dan Loehr (2003): Dialogue complexity with portability? Research directions for the Information State approach. Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 2003 Workshop on Research Directions in Dialogue Processing
  • Carl Burke, Lisa Harper and Dan Loehr (2002): A Dialogue Architecture for Multimodal Control of Robots. CLASS 2002 WORKSHOP
  • Claus Zinn, Johanna D. Moore, Mark G. Core (2002): A 3-tier Planning Architecture for Managing Tutorial Dialogue. Proceedings of Edilog 2002.
  • Johan Bos, Ewan Klein, Oliver Lemon, Tetsushi Oka (2003): DIPPER: Description and Formalisation of an Information-State Update Dialogue System Architecture. 4th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue, Sapporo, Japan.

Project reports

  • Traum, D., J. Bos, R. Cooper, S. Larsson, I.Lewin, C. Matheson and M. Poesio (1999): A model of dialogue moves and information state revision. Trindi deliverable D2.1.
  • Staffan Larsson, Gabriel Amores, Rebecca Jonson and Jose Qesada (2002): SIRIDUS System Architecture and Interface Report (Enhanced Version). SIRIDUS deliverable D6.3. Staffan Larsson, Rebecca Jonson, Gabriel Amores, Carlos Garcia and Jose Qesada (2002): Evaluation of Contribution of the Information State Based View of Dialogue. SIRIDUS deliverable D3.4.