Some Papers

A Working Person's Guide to Situation Theory 1992, in Topics in Semantic Interpretation, ed. by Steffen Leo Hansen and Finn Soerensen, Samfundslitteratur, Frederiksberg, Denmark ps.gz , pdf

Prolog and Natural Language Semantics: Notes for AI3/4 Computational Semantics, 1993, written together with Ian Lewin and Alan Black

Code for the above

Towards a General Semantic Framework, 1993, in Integrating Semantic Theories, ed. by Robin Cooper, Deliverable R2.1.A, Dyana-2, available from ILLC/Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam

The Role of Situations in Generalized Quantifiers, 1995, in Handbook of Contemporary Semantic Theory, ed. by Shalom Lappin, Blackwell. (Revised 29th Nov. 95)

Simple Situation Theory and its Graphical Representation, (with Jon Barwise), 1991, in Partial and Dynamic Semantics, III, ed. by Jerry Seligman, DYANA Deliverable, Centre for Cognitive Science, Edinburgh University, pp. 38--74. Also Indiana University Logic Group Preprint No. IULG-91-8

A note on the relationship between linguistic theory and linguistic engineering, to appear in a volume of papers from the International Project Day held a Coling-92 in Nantes edited by Nino Varile and Antonio Zampolli.

Austinian propositions, Davidsonian events and perception complements, to appear in Ginzburg, Khasidashvili, Levy and Vallduvi (eds.) The Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation: selected papers, CSLI Publications.

Information States, Attitudes and Dialogue , presented at the Second Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation, Tbilisi, September 15--20, 1997. To appear in the proceedings.

Integrating diverse information resources into dialogue updates , paper for CMC-98.

Information States, Attitudes and Dependent Record Types, paper for ITALLC98.

Mixing Situation Theory and Type Theory to Formalize Information States in Dialogue Exchanges, paper for TWENDIAL 98.

Dialogue moves and information states, with Staffan Larsson.

Ginzburg, Jonathan and Robin Cooper, Resolving Ellipsis in Clarification, ACL 2001, Toulouse. (ps)

Ranta, Aarne and Robin Cooper. "Dialogue Systems as Proof Editors". IJCAR/ICoS-3, Siena, June 2001. Available in gzipped postscript.

Cooper, Robin and Staffan Larsson (forthcoming) Accommodation and reaccommodation in dialogue, to appear in Presuppositions and Discourse ed. by Rainer Bäuerle, Uwe Reyle and Thomas Ede Zimmermann, Elsevier, Amsterdam. (ps)

Cooper, Robin and Jonathan Ginzburg (2002) Using Dependent Record Types in Clarification Ellipsis, in Proceedings of Edilog (ps, appendix (ps))

Some papers on records are available on the records project web page.

Lecture and seminar notes

Slides for a lecture on Computational Semantics in Prolog

Slides for Situations as Records - Mixing Situation Theory and Martin-Löf Type Theory (pdf, ps)

Slides for Is Martin-Löf Type Theory Appropriate for Natural Language Semantics? (pdf, ps)

Cooper, Robin, Staffan Larsson, Aarne Ranta and Björn Bringert, Does (Gothenburg) dialogue system technology have anything to say about cognitive systems? Presented at annual meeting of International Post-Graduate College Language Technology and Cognitive Systems, July 2005 and at the Leverhulme dialogue network Dialogue Matters, August 2005. slides (pdf)

Slides for various talks on records are available on the records project web page.

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