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Test the  doppler effect by using sine waves in Praat. (2003)
Invitation sent out to show the Phonetics Lab at the department (2004)
Video (.mov) - DJ Fonetico (feat. Magnus G.) dedicated to the PhD students at the department of Linguistics. Release was at the Grand Opening PhD Party (Spring 2005)

Short demonstration of one technique for throat singing (2004)
Live recording into built-in microphone on my laptop for  Stina (2005)
Interactive project with speech and emotions - a game to learn how to express (beta-version) emotions in speech (2004-5)
Mel-piano project - Convert sine tones chord (well tempered scale)
to mel chord (mel intervals instead of Hz) (2004)
Script to remove silence in beginning and end of recordings (2005-06)
Use praat to manually label recordings for festvox limited domain speech synthesis (2004)
Use praat to record the prompts for festvox limited domain speech synthesis (2004)
Make your speech go Helium (praat) (2006)
Jonas on the Radio talking about Forensic Phonetics (in Swedish) (2006)
BBC Radio Show on Forensic Linguistics (2005)
Recalculate F0 intonation in Praat - based on Hartmut Traunmüller's Modulation Theory of Speech (1994), formula from Traunmüller & Eriksson (1995) (script by me 2007)
Praat Script for collecting F0 data into a textfile, including the baseline and alternative baseline, see my publications for more information

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