Dialogue Systems 2

GSLT course, spring 2003

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Final papers

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The purpose of the course is to do real research on dialogue systems by building on existing systems developed by researchers involved in GSLT. Implementation work is encouraged, as is research that directly contributes to existing systems and projects.


The course will be primarily based on student research projects, supervised locally. Researchers from Göteborg, Linköping and KTH will present their dialogue systems, related research results, and current research topics. On the basis of these presentations, students select a research topic - either one suggested by the lecturers, or some other improvement or development of an existing system.


The 5 point GSLT course Dialogue Systems (given in the spring term of 2001), or equivalent.


Time Place Subject Lecturer Literature Slides (PowerPoint)

E222 Introduktion
Göteborg: TrindiKit and GoDiS
KTH: Alltiallo, HIGGINS
Staffan Larsson
Gabriel Skantze
Botond Pakucs
See Göteborg and KTH lists below

G312 (8-10)
L308 (10-12)
Linköping: LinLin/MALIN
Göteborg cont'd
Arne Jönsson
Pontus Johansson
Staffan Larsson
See Linköping list below Linköping
  Work-in-progress presentations Students    
C430 General discussion Staffan Larsson
Robin Cooper
C430 Final presentations Students   notes


We will present TrindiKit, a toolkit for building and experimenting with dialogue systems using the information state approach developed in the TRINDI and SIRIDUS projects, and GoDiS, a dialogue system built using TrindiKit and implementing an issue-based model of dialogue management.

For a list of possible research projects, see this page (in Swedish).

Göteborg literature


In Dialogue Systems 2 class we will work with two systems under development at KTH: Alltiallo (All in one) ; HIGGINS - (preliminary title).

Alltiallo has been running for some time and we have papers from different studies and also the platform. The "HIGGINS" project, preliminary title, is still on the drawing board and has no directly relevant literature. The project has so far a focus on error handling in dialog systems. The summary text in Joakim Gustafsson's thesis gives a good base for the approaches that we so far have explored at KTH. This forms the knowledge base for the development of "HIGGINS". During the initial lectures Botond Pakucs will present the Alltiallo project and his contribution to the project within Dialogue Systems 2. Gabriel Skantze will present HIGGINS and some of the motivations for starting this effort and also his proposed contribution to the project within Dialogue Systems 2.

All papers are available on http://www.speech.kth.se/ctt/publications/ except the last one.

KTH literature


We will utilise tools and frameworks on nlpFarm (http://nlpfarm.sourceforge.net/ for iterative development of dialogue systems. We also have a method for customising a dialogue systems framework, in our case the LINLIN/MALIN framework, which advocates incremental addition of dialogue capabilities, as presented in the papers below.

Course work can either include the development of a dialogue system for a new application or extending and refining current demo systems on nlpFarm. Projects can be published on nlpFarm, following its conventions and rules.

Linköping literature

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