My research is about...

The main goal of my research is to study, develop and adapt different tools and language resources that will support better the writing development and writing education in school.

My recent study concerns text production in wiki-environments exploring collaborative and individual authorships, the role of teacher and peer commentary and writing development through history log. The study examines not only the cumulative progress of a wikitext revealing inserted text but also the editing history by studying the highlighted deleted and inserted text in the version log. The analysis shows the development of wikitexts written by native speakers and second language learners and discusses the implications for language acquisition and wiki as a digital portfolio, reflection tool and teacher’s support for student assessment.

I've been working since 1997 on the development of parsing techniques for syntactical deviations in text as a support for language development of school children. In my thesis Automatic Detection of Grammar Errors in Primary School Children's Texts. A Finite State Approach (2003) I used finite-state methods for automatic detection of ungrammaticalities in texts written by primary school children.The thesis further presents analysis of grammar errors and test of these texts in current grammar checking technology for Swedish. Further work is aiming at experimenting with different degrees of ambiguity in parsing that will improve precision in parsing and error detection and development of methods for recognition of sentence boundaries as a support in the recognition of missing intersentence punctuation.

In the project Att lära sig skriva i IT-samhället (Learning to write in the information society) we focused on the language use and writing activities in new media by children and youths.The study reveals that most pupils strongly feel that they write very differently in school compared to how they write during their leisure time. They claim to be able to change styles with ease and give concrete examples of the differences in their writing. The texts written in school do not show much influence from the language use occurring in the computer-mediated texts. The project shows also what writing settings are used by pupils and their writing habits in computer-mediated communication.

My reserach concerns also studies of authoring tools and other technology in the process of writing, The main goal is to investigate what impact does word processing have on the pupils' writing acquisition and language awareness. Especially, how they revise a text on computer, what tools in the editor they use and what is the role of the linguistic aids in the revision process. Other iddues of inteerst is individuality vs. colaboration in text processing, one-to-one computer classrooms.